Thank You For Choosing Me To Take Care Of Your Website

Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: You need to buy a Webhosting for your website. My recommendation is “HostGator” but if you want you can use “BlueHost” too (It’s less than $3/month).

I only support one of these two hosts, but if you wanna try other hosts, you need to contact me first using the Live Chat button on the right-down corner of this page.

Step 2: After buying your Webhosting, you need to fill out the form below, so I can start working on your website. The more you explain what you need, the better I can give you a nice website.

Please remember, I will only setup, configure and design one single website for you, after that you need to create your content by yourself or you can hire someone to do that. If you wanted to hire someone for your website design, you needed to pay him/her something like $50 to $120 per hour but I’m doing this for you for FREE.

  • A: Make sure to put your right name and Email address in the boxes below, so I can contact you later. This is the only way I can reach you.
  • B: In the message box below, you need to give me access to your Webhosting panel so I can work on your website. Your Control Panel Address (URL), your Username and, Password are very important. They’ll be safe with me until I finish my job then you can change your password afterward.
  • C: Also in the message box, explain to me some details about your website, like Your website name, your website purpose, some of your needs and features if you want me to set up something unique for you, and so on.

Step 3: Congratulations you are all done. Now you just need to wait.

After I finish my job, I’ll contact you with the information that you’ve provided and give you a nice website. It might only take a day for me to do so, but if I’m busy you need to wait more than a day, in any case, it’s gonna worth it because you don’t have to pay anyone else to do these things for you.

Just a quick reminder, as you can see I’m not charging you for any of this work that I’m doing for you. I’ll make my living by referring you to one of the companies that I asked you to buy your Webhosting from. They simply pay me some small commissions for sending you to them, so please just use my referral links to do so.

You are not paying anything more by using my referral links, in fact, in some cases, they might give you a nice discount just because I referred you to them, and of course, if you were not happy about their services, you can always use your money-back guarantee rights to cancel your services. Just make sure to read their terms and rules first.

Last but not least, if you have any questions you can always contact me by the Live Chat button on the right-down corner of this page. If I didn’t answer you right away, it’s probably because of our time differences or maybe I’m not available at that time, but I will eventually answer you if you put down your email address.

Thank you.